i read ur blog, and im like ah fuck.. why the hell did i waste all that time just reading nonsense hey?? hahaha. hilarious..

and then i clean up my room and i see all those papers where i scribble parts of my genius.. and i read them.. and im like oh shit.. why the hell did i waste them on u hey?? hahaha.. ABSOLUTELY hilarious..

i almost gave you all of me, yet u chucked them aside like the presents u deemed uncool... all that pent up feelings, i poured my heart in them. and u just chucked them. oh if u only knew what they really were..

now that i read all ur nonsense, all i can say is what goes around comes around hey? and look where we are now... im not sure bout u, but im real good, thanks for asking.. but then again.. u din noe it was me hey? yahahahah.

so i guess im starting all over, liking yet again another wrong person. but u noe.. why break the status quo yeh? its been a massive bugger-all..

"well i believe in love, but who knows where or when, its coming around again"
Carly Simon.. most brilliant song writer.



you know what i reckon?????

nobody reads my blog right.. so i could technically just like write random tell all stuff and nobody will know!!! cos nobody reads my blog cos i just dun bother to update sometimes. hahahaha.....

like i could say that so and so is actually a so and so and nobody'd actually know! that would be cool. like i get to write nonsense on this blog, and i dun have to password restrict it.. HAHAHAH.

this would be a rather cool thing... tho it not so.. nobody likes boxers or panties aired in public eh?

this is officially a random rant.. why????? im in uni till bloody late. hahahahhaha



u bloody mother fucker...

i dun even noe what to say man... who the fuck locks our door on our level?? it was fucking safe till u came along in this picture...

i dun wanna accuse u, but cmon.. steal fucking 50 bucks from me?? you were the only mother fucker who knew i wasn in my room and NOBODY was around.. bloody pain in the ass

im not as pissed with u as i am with myself...

HOW THE HELL CAN I REALIZE IT ONLY SO LATE?!?!?!?!? fuck man.. fuck..

i dun need other nonsense man. thanks for kicking me in the bollocks. great..



hahah.. yes i should update...

things have been cool man! just came back from melb.. i absolutely swear i had the greatest time there.. just cos i get to spend heaps load of time with gerry, luddy and luddy's peeps. hahaha. man. luddy.. i love ur housemates. friggin good load of fun..

it was real good to be in melb cos gerry's mom made so much kuehs and desserts. so its like eat until can die kind. shiok sia. then her mom made me like 2 boxes of kueh to bring back to adelaide. its crazy man! everybody at the lodge just fell in love with it man. eat non stop. ahah. doesn help that i bought 3 dozen donuts from krispy kreme back with me. NOT HELPING AT ALL...

so ah well. just need to distribute the whole shit load. on top of that, i gotta work off all that kueh and donuts. haha!!!!

i reckon it'd be great then its just back to the old routine lah. study, then go gym when stressed.. i kinda like that routine. makes me feel... satisfied.. yeh man. its real cool.

oh.. last night... i gave my mom a facebook tutorial over the phone.. its hilarious!!! but then after i taught her quite a fair bit, i was like ah fuck.. my mom added me. so gone are the days of being able to write random stuff on my wall. and i gotta censor stuff and everything.. well it act doesn really help that i have both my aunts and my cousin on fb.. now i cant ramble bout anything that gives away my 'other' life. HAHAH!!!

other than that.. dude.. how cool is it that ur mom wants ta use fb?? the only consolation is that my mom's not that tech savvy. and she aint gonna be checking fb often. so maybe i could get away with SOME stuff that i put up. haha. no more crude shots of me showing the finger.. SOBS!!!!!!

so somebody.. do me a favour and keep uploading pictures of me so that my mom wont be able to see my 3rd finger shot with gerry pls!!!!!



hey hey hey.. well, so finally im back in adelaide, summer break just came and went just like that.. managed to accomplish quite a fair few things back home but i reckon i coulda done more.. but thats not to say that i din fully enjoy myself. i bloody did enjoy every single second with gerry and wugs..

classes have started full blast.. cant bloody believe it. act had an assignment handed out in the first week. one's due tmr, the other due on wed. wah kee siao man.. in some sense im happy to be back in adelaide, the other is just like ah fuck man. so like im hoping that i finish studying soon so i can stay at home.. but the faster i hope it comes, the slower it unfolds? hahaha. oh well. what to do?? kns man

the only thing now to do is just to bog down and be hardworking lor. for one of my subjects, i have to design and build 2 robots to carry out a certain task. and the thing is that we're all joining the competition. no choice. it'll take the full length of the semester to complete this project. so its gonna be a bloody long proj man. damn no choice. i must pull my weight or else i can just fail that sub. can die..

so ok lah. conc is conc. but then when i've got nothing to do, i ask if having someone to think about is good.. or is not having someone to think about is good. hahahah. ah pain in the ass..



man.. xmas is coming!!! AND I DUN HAVE MONEY!!!!! cheebeh.. luckily i ran out of my weekly allowance today.. better running out on a thurs than on a tuesday.. ur dead sia if that's the case.

oh well.. been quite a bit since i last updated.. DID BLOODY WELL FOR EXAMS!!!! tot i was gonna fail everything but in the end, i passed!! on the way man.. on the way. tho i'll give a big treat if i ever get a friggin high distinction in uni exams sia. CONFIRM.. the chances are like.. almost zero lah. hahaha. need to be almost zero to show a bit of confidence right??

well, so hols have been great. blody hell, think im packing on the kilos.. gotta go rowing again man. camp out at the gym or sumth. ahahha. ah heck. gosh. i love summer hols man. tho this means that when this is over, i gotta wait another friggin year to have a go at a long vacation sia. its seriously SIBEH SIAN.

i miss adelaide in a weird sense...



im fucking dead....

had 3 papers already so far.. been pawned by the uni lah. they triple kill me.. damn pissed off. haha. i had a paper each on friday and saturday.. they were a heck of a bitch man. friday was mechatronics, sat was dynamics-mechanic. today was dynamics & control 1. thurs will be stress analysis & design.

i walked out of the exam hall today, and i saw my frens just right outside.. when we caught each other's eyes, we just started laughing.. we actually LLAAAUUUGGGGHHHEEEDDDDD... yup. that's how bad the paper was.. we were just smiling and all. i dunno why man. it was ALL of us. like the bulk of the dynamics & control students was just smiling. its the "oh my god i cant blieve i actually sat thru that whole paper". it was just stupid. as i was walking out of the compound, i met my fren who was going in for the afternoon paper.. when he saw my face, he also smile lah. then he asked if whether it was a good paper and i was like haha.. this is the face of a failed paper man..

SCREWED UP.. what makes it worst is that i have this china chinese lecturer who teaches mechatronics and control. so thats like 2 different subjects... he SUCKS. i went to ask him questions lah.. i walked out not knowing the answer to those 5 questions. later on, i found out from a friend that if u want direct, str8-to-the-point answers, u need to converse with him in chinese.. im like fuck no way am i doing that man.. bull shit..

oh well.. triple killed so far already.. hopefully i pawn stress analysis... but ah.. im more concerned bout sat's events.. IM GOING HOME!!!!!!! FUCK YOU UNI!!!!!


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